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Updated Thursday February 1, 2018 by Macomb Township Little League Baseball.

1) How long does the 2018 Spring Season run?

Games will begin April 23rd (weather permitting) and end by June 29th. LLWS tournament teams if selected may run longer. Practices can begin once teams are formed after the draft. Typically, Coaches will schedule 1-2 indoor batting practices and move outside as soon as the weather breaks.

2) When are practices held?

Practice fields/times are reserved by the Manager through our website and can be on any day of the week. The Manager is in charge of scheduling practices. If you are unavailable on a certain day for practice you should inform the Coach of this and they may be able to work around any conflicts.

3) What time are the games?

Weekend games can be held 10am - 8pm. 

Weekday games for Tee-ball and Coach Pitch start at 6pm.

Weekday games for Intermediate and Senior start at 5:30pm and 8pm due to more innings being played in those divisions. 

4) What Days are the games on? 

Below is an outline of how we structure the game schedule. This information depends on how many teams we end up having and may be altered slightly.

Tee-Ball and Coach Pitch - You choose Mon/Wed/Sat, Tues/Thurs/Sat, or no preference. You will have two games a week on 2 of those 3 days.

Rookie - Two games a week. One weekday game on Monday or Thursday and one Saturday game.

Minor - Two games a week. One weekday game on Tuesday or Thursday and one Saturday game.

Majors - Two games a week. Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Intermediate/Junior - Two games a week. Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday

Senior - Two games a week. Monday/Wednesday/Friday

5) What Locations are games held?

Tee-ball - Shawnee Elementary

Coach Pitch - Fox Elementary, and Cheyene Elementary

Rookie - Seneca Middle School and Macomb Corners

Minors - Sequoyah Elementary and Macomb Corners

Majors thru Senior - Macomb Corners

6) When are rain outs made up?

Any game canceled due to weather will be made up on a Sunday. Ample time will be given to notify both teams.

This article has 12 Comments.
Kimberly Rodziczak commented on February 23, 8:40pm
"How do parents order the shirts, supporting their team?"
Don Gusse commented on February 23, 9:11pm
"It's open now. It's just like when you registered for the season except instead of the division you choose additional parent coach jersey option. start by clicking on the register online red banner at the top middle of the homepage. "
Gil Matugas commented on February 28, 8:37am
"I have to boys registered for the league, one in rookie and one in coach pitch, since I am their only driver, I just wanted to check if the schedule doesn't conflict between rookie & coach pitch games?"
Don Gusse commented on February 28, 11:33am
"Since Rookie plays Mon/Thurs/Sat and you registered in CP Mon/Wed/Sat it is possible that a game may overlap. We try to do our best during scheduling for this not to happen though."
Chelsey Croce commented on March 12, 6:28pm
"Hello! How long after the draft will we be notified of Team and Coach information? Thank you!"
Don Gusse commented on March 12, 9:44pm
"You will receive a general email from the league the night of the draft stating what team you were drafted to. You will also receive an email or call from your Coach within the next week or so after the draft introducing themselves."
Jeffrey brown commented on March 14, 9:50pm
"When will team schedules be posted? I work some Saturdays and would like to know which Saturdays my son has games on do I can make arran arrangements to have those Saturdays off. Thank you!"
Don Gusse commented on March 15, 4:56pm
"Schedules is next on the list now that we have teams formed. FYI your son is in TB M/W/S He will play one game on Monday or Wednesday and one game on Saturday. He will have a game every Saturday starting 5/12."
Andrew Halbert commented on March 26, 2:41am
"Don't games start end on April?"
Don Gusse commented on March 26, 3:04am
"4/23 for Rookie, Minor, Major, Intermediate, and Senior. 5/7 for Tee Ball & Coach Pitch."
Jason Mclelland commented on March 26, 6:27pm
"How can we purchase a "Fundraiser Card?" that can be used to receive discounted rates at Vitale's Perfect Game?"
Gino Catenacci commented on March 26, 10:22pm
"The fundraising cards will be handed out with uniforms. If you still have last years card it is good until May 2018. If they ask there is a date on the back that shows the expiration date. They are good for 1 year."
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