New for Spring 2018!

Updated Saturday April 14, 2018 by Macomb Township Little League Baseball.


2018 Additions:

1) Distance Markers at Macomb Corners

2) Dakota Freshman Field (60/90) Opened!

3) New Dri-Fit Uniform Line. MLB on-field style with 2 buttons instead of full buttons.

4) Trophies for entire Tee Ball and Coach Pitch Divisions.

5) More field availability at Macomb Corners. We now have fields 1, 2, and 3 the entire season. 

6) New Safety Fence Topper at all school fields and Macomb Corners.

7) Both Shawnee Backstops (Tee Ball Fields) repaired.

8) New Windscreens on Macomb Corners 1, 2, and 3 backstops.

9) MTLL Logo on Every Baseball! The kids will always remember now.


2017 Additions:

1) Early Registration.

2) Every player will have their name on the back of their Jersey and will be able to choose their own number 1-99. Players will choose 3 numbers at registration and will be given one of those numbers to prevent overlap.

3) New League Colors. Our League colors will now represent our High School colors. Navy Blue, Dark Green, and a trim of White or Silver.

4) Teenage Baseball League for ages 17 - 20! 

5) Fitted Hats for Rookie thru Senior Divisions.

6) MLB team names for Tee Ball and Coach Pitch.

7) Coaches and parents may purchase an authentic game jersey with their child's name and number on the back if they wish to support the team.


2016 Additions:

1) New Backstop on Seneca 2! Rookie games will now be at Seneca 1 and Seneca 2. Ojibwa will become a practice field only!

2) We will be introducing a new line of Dri Fit Jerseys! We will also be asking for Jersey sizes during registration. We want to make sure Jerseys fit exactly to your order and look better than any other league around!

3) Mid Season In House Tournament!

4) Majors Division will now have 2 Umpires for each game!

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Chris Tessmar commented on October 6, 1:58am
Vincent Sapienza commented on February 18, 3:29am
"Thanks to the league administrators, MTLLB has been a great organization and these change are only making it better. "
Tania Rock commented on November 14, 6:24pm
"Love seeing the new updates on the fields!! Awesome! Thank you!!"
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