2019 Spring Playoffs

Updated Friday May 24, 2019 by MTLL.

The top 4 teams in each age group & division (AL/NL) make the playoffs. The # before or after the @ symbol represents the seed. 2 umpires per game. No time limit for Championship game.
2019 MTLL Spring Playoffs
Group A:
Seed 4 @ Seed 1 Monday 6/10 5:30pm MC#3
Seed 3 @ Seed 2 Monday 6/10 8:00pm MC#3
Championship Thursday 6/13 7:00pm MC#3
Group B:
Seed 8 @ Seed 5 Tuesday 6/11 5:30pm MC#3
Seed 7 @ Seed 6 Tuesday 6/11 8:00pm MC#3
Championship Friday 6/14 7:00pm MC#3
AL4 @ AL1 Thursday 6/13 5:30pm MC#2
AL3 @ AL2 Thursday 6/13 8:00pm MC#2
NL4 @ NL1 Thursday 6/13 5:30pm MC#1
NL3 @ NL2 Thursday 6/13 8:00pm MC#1
AL Championship Saturday 6/15 1:00pm MC#2
NL Championship Saturday 6/15 10:00am MC#2
Championship Tuesday 6/18 6:30pm MC#2
AL4 @ AL1 Friday 6/21 6:00pm MC#2
AL3 @ AL2 Friday 6/21 8:00pm MC#2
NL4 @ NL1 Friday 6/21 6:00pm Seneca 1
NL3 @ NL2 Friday 6/21 6:00pm Seneca 2
AL Championship Monday 6/24 8:00pm MC#2
NL Championship Monday 6/24 6:00pm MC#2
Championship Wednesday 6/26 6:30pm MC#2
AL4 @ AL1 Thursday 6/20 6:00pm MC#2
AL3 @ AL2 Thursday 6/20 8:00pm MC#2
NL4 @ NL1 Thursday 6/20 6:00pm MC#1
NL3 @ NL2 Thursday 6/20 8:00pm MC#1
AL Championship Saturday 6/22 1:00pm MC#2
NL Championship Saturday 6/22 10:00am MC#2
Championship Tuesday 6/25 6:30pm MC#1

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Corey Woodruff commented on May 18, 1:03am
"Hello, I don't see the teams broken out by division. How do we know which team is AL/NL? Thanks"
Don Gusse commented on May 18, 4:10am
"It's identical to MLB. For example, the Tigers are an AL team. A quick google search will tell you which team belongs to which division if you are unsure. Upon completion of the season and assuming you make the playoffs, the game will be added to your schedule online and emails will be sent."
Corey Woodruff commented on May 18, 6:18pm
"Got it thanks Don!"
firstname lastname commented Just Now

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